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WBTV Speak Out: Foster Care Graduates at Johnson C. Smith University


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Higher education…it can be a passport to a brighter future. 

But many children living in the foster care system, that dream can seem way out of reach.

In fact, when some  age out of foster care system, they are literally out on the streets…with nowhere to live, and no support system to help them transition to independent, successful lives.

Johnson C. Smith University is doing something about that with their "Phasing Up to New Possibilities" program, under the leadership of university President, Dr. Ronald Carter.

Last fall, the university broke ground on the site of their Foster Village Network Center. 

It's headquarters will be the renovated George E. Davis House, a historic African-American landmark, built back in 1895.

In addition to offering educational opportunities to young people phasing out of foster care, the university's initiative will also give fifty to sixty of them a year-round place to live, financial assistance, academic advising, personal guidance and counseling.

It's a holistic strategy that can turn lives around, and help those who too often fall through the cracks become productive members of our society.

(The Johnson C. Smith University family) will show these young people that someone does care about them.  They matter. 

We think that's important. We think it's something our whole community needs to get behind.

You can learn more about the Johnson C. Smith University's program on our SpeakOut page at WBTV dot com. 

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