HAZMAT responds to Caldwell County Sheriff's Office

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A hazardous materials team responded to the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office Monday morning, after what appears to be a mercury spill.

A deputy responded to a call about a suspicious bag on the side of Dry Ponds Road. The caller thought the bag might contain drug paraphernalia.

It turned out to be an abandoned diaper bag. The deputy took it back to the training room at the Sheriff's Office, opened it and started to look inside. Nestled inside with clothes and other items was what appeared to be about an ounce of mercury.

Mercury is known to be toxic, so when it spilled onto the floor, the room was quickly cordoned off and HAZMAT was called.

The Sheriff's Office is now working to determine where the bag came from, and who may have been exposed.

HAZMAT also responded to Dry Ponds Road, where it was determined the mercury also spilled.

Cleanup is underway at both locations.

Sheriff Alan Jones said "I am thankful that someone called and I encourage people to call in when they see something that looks suspicious. We want to keep our communities safe and working together helps all of us to live in safer neighborhoods."

All Sheriff's Office operations are running as normal. No one was hurt.

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