Top 10 family vehicles for 2012

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Whether it's a sedan or a minivan, there's quite a bit that goes into buying a family-friendly vehicle.

"For us we really needed to think about carpool so we had to think about enough seats for kids," said mom of three Krista Wilson.

"We're thinking about great gas mileage.  Also, we love the doors that slide because the kids can get in and out on their own which is great and less work for me," added Amy Miller, a mom of four children.

The staff at Kelley Blue Book,  a good resource when buying new and used cars, looked at the vehicles on the market in 2012 and rated which were best for families.

In their research  KBB found there are four things that top the list of requirements for families.  Safety, fuel economy, connectivity, and a certain amount of cool factor.

"All-wheel drive is becoming more important.  Families like the security of that even if they're not driving in the snow.  It also pegs them as an outdoorsy person," said Jack Nerad with Kelley Blue Book.

"That would be nice, to rock out in your cool family vehicle," Miller added.

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