13-year-old boy runs booming hot sauce business

MAIDEN, NC (WBTV) - When Nolan Bebber picked up a bottle of big name hot sauce and read the list of ingredients, he decided he could do better. That was way back when he was 12. Now, at 13, Nolan is selling his own brand of hot sauce like hot cakes.

"I just try to think of different flavor profiles," isn't something you hear from a 13-year-old very often. Nolan watches The Food Network more than most boys text their friends.

His dad gave him $56 to get his sauce-making business up and running. Every single bit of money that's gone into the business since then, has come from profit.

Nolan's Hot sauces come in 4 different flavors, Tongue Scorcher, Desert Scorcher, Green Fire and his newest creation inspired by a trip to the Asian Market, Asian Dragon.

"That's when I discovered the lemon grass, and I couldn't believe how good that flavor was." said Nolan.

With his Dad Michael and Mom Joy supporting his every step, Nolan has turned his venture into a profitable business. He has a website where he takes online orders and ships his sauces all over the country.

His business takes up a lot of his time, but Nolan still manages to make great grades in school and according to his parents, continues to be a son they are very proud of.

"He still working off the $56 and he's put money in his accounts and he's put money in his pocket and he's got money in his PayPal account that he's running off of," said Dad Michael Bebber.

If you'd like to try some of Nolan's Hot Sauce, go to www.nolanshotsauce.com or check out his FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nolans-Hot-Sauce/344629435550643