See, Click, Fix: Plans in place for sewage leak

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is what Joanna wrote on the See, Click, Fix page at "This sewage pipe continues to back up and leak out onto the sidewalk, will overflow and drain into the creek. Not sure if this is the responsibility of the city or the Foxcroft Shopping Center owners."

The shopping center is on Valencia Terrace in Charlotte. The pipe in question doesn't look too pretty. We also noticed what appears to be dried up sewage waste.

WBTV's Christine Nelson reached out Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Department (CMUD) and found out there are some issues here.

This is 200 foot private sewer line serving part of the shopping center. So the property owner has installed a cleanout to keep the line clear.

CMUD still checked into this themselves. Officials say this pipe still has the potential to backup so they're requiring the property owner now to set up periodic maintenance service.

They're hoping that will prevent or at least minimize any future leaks.

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