CMS parents tackling transportation

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte Mecklenburg school (CMS) district changed bell schedules this year to save money.  That move upset some parents. That adjustment means their kids are getting home later from school. Now parents want the schedule to change back.   CMS told them "No".

Parents aren't taking "No" for an answer.  They came up with a plan for CMS to try.  They claim the plan will get kids home earlier and save money at the same time.  Randall Forsythe came up with this plan.

"Two schools that are really close," Forsythe said.  "Like five minutes from each other - would have a shared bus driving down your street and pick up the students for those two schools."

He claims that idea would save money and time.

"The penalty for that," Forsythe said.  "In terms of time it would be less than 12 minutes or so, and it would allow them to cut out a substantial amount of buses."

Parents spent more than two hours pleading their case behind closed doors to school leaders.  The conclusion was the plan did save money but not enough.

Parents say CMS will still look at the plan to see if changes can be made.  Parents are willing to try anything for the district to change the bell schedule.

"There is a lot that parents can give up to trade for an earlier day," CMS Parent Jay Brownlowe said.  "Whether that means a bus ride that's longer or a fee that we have to pay every year."

Parents are cautiously optimistic CMS will help them but they know it will be up to them to fight for change.

"I know that CMS has a lot on its plate," CMS Parent Susan Plaza said. "And this is minor issue for them - a major issue for us. It's something that has to be parent driven."

Parents hope to know something about the bell schedule soon.