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Facebook page set up in hopes of reconnecting tornado victims with their belongings

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – In the midst of so many people losing everything during Friday's storms, there are signs of hope. People are being reunited with belongings found more than one hundred miles away.

"Hopefully in people's hour of despair they can have a little something to cling on to," said Chase Horton, Facebook page creator. 

Pictures and certificates are just some everyday items kept away in a drawer, but when your world is turned upside down and an EF 4 tornado takes away everything you own, it's those little things, you seem to miss the most.

"There were a lot of things that we did not find," said Lori Lynch, who lost her home in Henryville. 

After Friday's horrific storm, Chase Horton of Corydon wanted to do something to help. He started a Facebook page, "Returning Memories to Tornado Victims", and in just a little more than 24 hours, progress is already being made.

"We have located a high school diploma for a woman, we have located a varsity letter certificate for a young man that went to Eastern High School in Pekin, and we located a perfect attendance slip from the 1970s for a lady that also lived in the Pekin area," said Horton. 

"My brother called me last night and I said that my high school diploma ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio," said Lynch. 

Lynch's Silver Creek High School diploma was swept more than 110 miles away, but soon it will be on its way back to Henryville. 

"We've been in contact with a lady, a very, very kind lady and she is going to mail it back to me," said Lynch. 

"They may lose their home and FEMA can replace that, but you can't replace family photos, you can't replace things from your childhood, and when those things show back up, it is a little touch of home that may not be there anymore," said Horton.

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