Tornado safety: Unconventional ways to protect your life

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The first full week in March just so happens to be perfect timing for Severe Weather Awareness Week. Early Saturday morning a EF-2 tornado tore through parts of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County, injuring 3 people and seriously damaging almost 200 homes.

Some people might already have a safety plan in place when it comes to severe weather, but we found some unconventional ways you can add extra protection and possibly save your life.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests heading to a safe spot in your home away from windows or glass. They also suggest grabbing blankets, pillows, thick comforters from the bed or anything else that's soft to wrap around your body. Flying debris is the cause of most injuries sustained in a tornado. Wrapping yourself up can help shield your body.

And FEMA also suggests grabbing bicycle helmets or motorcycle helmets and use them for head protection. Many people already have these items lying around. An extra layer of security can't ever hurt.

Also, FEMA suggests keeping a large trash can handy. Either the metal or plastic type can slid over your body and shield you from flying debris or other falling objects.

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