Smoke detector credited for saving family during fire

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Smoke detector credited in saving a family of five during an early morning fire.

The piercing alarm broke the night's silence around 1am Monday at a home off of Biltmore Drive in the Myers Park area.

The family of five, two adults and three children awoke to find their two story house was filled with smoke.

Charlotte firefighters got the call from the frantic family who was able to evacuate from the home before the flames did any more damage.

Crews said when they arrived minutes later, they encountered heavy smoke and flames coming from the kitchen area.  Hose lines were dropped from the back of the fire trucks, and within minutes, the situation was under control.

Even though Charlotte fire was able to battle the flames, the real hero of the morning, was a ten dollar smoke detector.

"The smoke detector definitely was a major role player in this particular incident." said Fire Chief Quentin Maver.

"It absolutely saved their lives."

The home sustained around fifty-thousand dollars in damage, even though it's unclear at this point how it started.

Because power was disconnected to the home, the family will have to find another place to stay for the time being.

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