CIAA sees new trend: Day parties

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)-This week, basketball is the big draw to the Queen City, and one day before the championship round of the CIAA tournament Time Warner Cable Arena is again magnetic.

While the faithful are attracted to the games, another big draw is underway in Center City.

There is a new trend that's underway known as  day parties.

Ezra Lee is a promoter with Blue Goose Entertainment

"Over the day parties have become extremely popular to a lot of CIAA patrons. A lot of times the lines are long before we open the venue," Lee said.

So many uptown venues known for night life have flipped the script which is appealing to both the locals and out of town tourists.

One visitor said, "Day parties are casual. They are fun. You don't have to deal with all the traffic that's going on at night."

By the size of a single crowd,  it was easy to tell that one of the toughest tickets to get is this massive event hosted by alums from Virginia State University,

The group Digital Divas who hosted their event at Blue got in on the ground floor.

Tiffany Jones is the organizations founder.

" I actually one the first promoters to start Day parties when the CIAA came to Charlotte seven years ago," she said." You have so many who come into the city who take off work on Friday and they're looking for stuff to do."

It's not just local promoters cashing in on these crowds, but many of our city's best known restaurants are being rented by those who just drop in for the week of the tournament.

Ezra Lee's company has seen the competition grow.

"You've got a lot of promoters. You've got in town promoters doing events. If they hold people and play music they're going to be people inside."

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