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Unfair punishment in Lancaster County School District?

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - One mother claims the Lancaster County School district wasn't fair when it came to punishing her child.  Krisma Gregory claims her child, who attends Indian Land High School, was pushed by a white student.  She says the push was so hard it cracked her son's cell phone and injured his back.

"He pushed me here," the student said.  "And that's when you see my back come off the wall and that's when he raises his fist."

Her son, James Gregory, told the principal about the situation.  The incident was caught on surveillance camera.  The principal declared the two boys were horse playing and didn't discipline the student.  The mother disagreed with the principal for doing nothing.

"You are pretty much saying students can go around assaulting each other," the mother said. "For just playing."

The mother remembered that incident.  Weeks later her child, who attends Indian Land Middle school, got into trouble.  He was swinging a T-shirt during and accidentally hit a white student in the eye.  It was an accident.  Since her son was horse playing, the mother thought her son would have received the same treatment the other student received when he pushed her son who attends Indian Land HS.

The principal gave her middle school son in school suspension.

"It's not right," the mother said.  "It's not fair. It should be what's good for one student should be good for the other."

The mother says she knows why there were two different punishments.

"I know it has to do with the color of their skin." Gregory said.

The mother complained to the school district but nothing has happened.  The Lancaster County school district does have rules and there are punishments for the students' aggressive behavior, but the principal decides whether or not to discipline the students. 

The mother believes leaving it up to the principal could leave room for injustice.

"I think they take that power and run with it." the mother said.

The mother has now filed a complaint with the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. The organization says there is enough evidence to launch an investigation.

The mother is not giving up. She thinks the district needs a diversity committee.

"I really think having a diversity team in place," Gregory said.  "To handle issues like that or even handle complaints like that - they are not biased that I wouldn't have to feel like I am fighting by myself."

Lancaster County School district will not comment on this matter.


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