Hypermiling to Save Gas

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  As we watch our wallets get thinner as gas prices rise, many people are turning to a concept of driving that gained popularity back in 2006.  Hypermiling was created by Wayne Gerdes, who was working at a nuclear power plant when he decided to study how cars burn less fuel.

WBTV's Jamie Boll and producer Jeffrey Keene put the concept to the test in a minivan.  The car was getting 22 miles per gallon before they put some of Gerdes' ideas into practice, but once they tried his ideas the gas stretched to 31 miles per gallon.  Imagine the savings over the course of a year!

Keep in mind the renegade hypermilers have discussed the concept of  'drafting' but it is considered highly dangerous by most driving instructors and NOT something WBTV would recommend.

Below you will find links to the web site Gerdes started where there are continuous discussions on gas savings and car maintenance tips as well.

You can click here to go to a complete list of hypermiling suggestions and car maintenance suggestions to make your tank of gas last longer.

Always remember you can find the cheapest gas by clicking on this link for WBTV's gas tracker

Here's a link to Wayne Gerdes' web site.  http://www.cleanmpg.com/