Truck plows into house, then takes off leaving home in ruins

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A home is heavily damaged overnight after a truck plows through the front door, then backs up and flees the scene.

Neighbors said it sounded like an explosion that rocked this quiet community in northwest Charlotte just after midnight on Monday.

When emergency crews arrived along the 800 block of Oakshire Circle, they found a gaping hole where the front of a house used to be.

Confused and angry neighbors poured from their homes to talk with police about what just happened across the street from them.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said a truck was traveling southbound on Valleydale Road in northwest Charlotte swerving all over the place, hitting just about everything in it's path.

The truck clipped an electrical box, crossed the double yellow line, ran up a hill, then set it's sights on the house.

People who live nearby, said the truck drove up the front lawn, and slammed right through the front door, taking much of the surrounding structure along with it.

When worried neighbors went out to help, they said the driver put the truck into reverse, and took off out of the area.

One man was home at the time of the crash, but he was in an upstairs bedroom and wasn't hurt.

Police said they located the truck a few blocks away by following the tire marks on the street.  No word on if any arrests were made.

The front awning of the house was braced up with a board one of the neighbors had, and a brown tarp was draped over the hole to protect the inside from both the elements as well as people with bad intentions.

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