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Cam Newton visits elementary school in Alabama

AUBURN, ALABAMA (WBTV) - Fourth-graders at an elementary school in Alabama got quite a surprise when former Auburn quarterback, gone pro, came for a visit.

Newton surprised students at Wright's Mill Elementary School at the end of their Poetry and Pizza Day.  The door to the classroom cracked open slightly, then swung open to reveal an unexpected visitor.

It's Cam Newton.

He simply smiles wide and asks, "Is everyone in here doing the ‘Wright' thing?" (a play on the school's name and their motto) and the class goes berserk.

For several minutes, Newton calmly and warmly receives the rushing sea of waist-high tackles, squealing hugs, and excited handshakes.

The fourth-graders did not suspect that Cam Newton would be paying them a visit today. At Wright's Mill Road Elementary, he remains a role model and a mentor.

Newton's dedication and perseverance surely contribute to his success on the field but they are just as evident off the field.

Just ask the Wright's Mill Road Elementary fourth-graders who woke up this morning thinking today was just Poetry and Pizza Day.

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