Charlotte's presidential candidate

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Robby Wells was just a little boy, he was photographed with President Jimmy Carter - his dad worked for him.

"That's Jimmy Carter right there," Wells says, proudly pointing at the picture. "And of course my Dad's in the middle, and my mother, and that's little Robbie right there."

The meeting made a big impression. Little Robby decided he wanted President Carter's job.

Fast forward forty years, and now the city of Charlotte has its very own presidential candidate.

"Politico just did a study," Wells says. "Seventy percent of the American population in this election is going to look to elect a third party candidate. Well, I don't see any reason why I would sit this race out."

Wells is seeking nomination from the Constitution party.

"We've had Republicans in office," he says. "We've had Democrats in office, and it's obvious that our economy is not working."

He believes the cure to our financial woes lies in conforming more completely to the ideas of our forefathers. "Right now, we've got a bunch of programs and departments that the federal government is funding that are unconstitutional," Wells says. "We're paying for stuff right now that we're not supposed to be paying for..."

Of course, the big hurdle for any unknown is fundraising.

"We're running a grassroots fundraising campaign across this and we'll start it right here in Charlotte," he says.