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Charlotte pleads: Scoop the Poop

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For many homeowners, it is one of the most annoying and disgusting ways to litter their lawn. People who don't pick up after their dogs are now targets of a new county campaign called "Scoop the Poop".

The catchy slogan is actually rooted in some serious facts. Jennifer Frost with Charlotte Storm Water and Sewer Services says about 1/3 of the bacteria in local creeks come from animal waste. People leave droppings in their yards or in others' and the bacteria washes into storm drains and into creeks.

"It's the kind of situation where you don't want to be wading in it and you certainly don't want to be drinking from it. Having your pets play in the creek is not a good idea," said Frost.

There are an estimated 218,000 dogs in the county, and those dogs produce more than 72,000 pounds of waste a day.

"Scoop the Poop" hopes to educate people in Mecklenburg County about the facts. And get people to pick up after their pets.

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