Charlotte neighborhood sees signs of housing turnaround

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Drive through Villa Heights in Northeast Charlotte, and it's easy to see that things are turning around.

Homes once again sprouting out of the ground and inside some residences workers are in race against time before handing the keys over.

Understand that it is not the boom times that came before things in our housing market went bust, but those handling properties in this neighborhood are now breathing just a tad bit easier.

Buyers  will see the name Katie Strohschein in the front yard of many available properties, and she's seeing a quicker turnaround time from contract signing to closing date.

"With Midwood,Villa Heights, and Noda people are coming out of the woodwork," she said."My client purchased a property this past fall, sat on it a few months, started construction and got the ball rolling, and in less than a week we had a contract and we're under contract moving forward and construction is not even completed yet."

The words under contract are encouraging to builders who are taking a chance in this neighborhood.

In recent months, Vlasto Didik has built two properties in Villa Heights, and they both appear to have buyers.

" I think it is better. I think it is better.I like new. I like to build brand new."

Katie Strohschein says flipping properties does still carry its share of uncertainty, but she's seeing changing attitudes based on the conditions of the market.

She said,"Sure there's gonna be foreclosures and short sales still pouring into the market, but interest rates are as low as they will ever be and there's still some more job security so there's a sense of urgency now than there was six months ago."

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