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How to reinvent yourself for a new job

Being laid off or fired is an experience most people go through at some point in their career. And with our struggling economy, many Americans have been laid off or fired over the last few years.  So what should you do if you get that dreaded pink slip?

"If you think of yourself as a loser, stop it! Being self-critical at a critical time is self-defeating," says Coach Marcia Brandwynne. "You need to boost yourself up and find your next job. So start by making a detailed list of all your skills and attributes. If you can't see your own worth right now, ask your friends for their input. What they have to say should make you feel better and more confident."

You've heard it before, but it's true: When you're unemployed, your job is to look for a job. You need to dedicate six to eight hours a day pursuing employment opportunities.

"Don't wait for opportunity to knock on your door," Coach Marcia adds. "Call and ask potential employers for an informational interview, which will allow you to learn more about a particular job, career field or company."

When you lose your job, your salary goes with it. People often tell themselves they can last for so many months without changing their lifestyle. Wrong! With no money coming in, your lifestyle is lowered automatically and you need to accept it.  Identify all your non-essential spending, make cutbacks and conserve your cash. There will be plenty of time to add back those luxuries once you are back on your feet.

Finally, Coach Marcia says: "If you lose your job, have faith that you'll get through it!"

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