See, Click, Fix: Many Issues Along South Boulevard Sidewalk

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A busted, cracked and broken sidewalk panel is bad enough, But multiply that several times and you really have a problem.

There's plenty of repair work going on along South Boulevard just outside uptown Charlotte.  It isn't work to repair the sidewalk although a lot of See, Click, Fix viewers wish it was.

They point out not one...not two...not three...but many areas of the sidewalk are in pretty bad shape.

So I went to check it out.

It's a stretch of sidewalk along the east side of South Boulevard that runs between Rensselaer Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

I found several areas that looked like they could use work...broken sidewalk...chipped, cracked and broken...uneven in some places.

This is a heavily foot-traveled area.  Retail businesses, restaurants, a church, a bus stop, government offices and nearby housing are all along this stretch of sidewalk.

Individually, each one of those areas might not be such a problem.  But considering there are several of them within that two block area it's possibly worth considering a project that would fix them all at one time.

I've contacted the Charlotte Department of Transportation.  Engineers are going to assess the situation and when I hear what they have to say, I'll let you know.

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