Local women make website for easier healthcare

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Randy Sperling's son died, her 25 years of being a patient advocate didn't end. Her 41-year-old son died after medications used to treat a brain tumor, destroyed his liver.

She spent so much time with him in the hospital, it made her a better advocate for his care.

"You have to have the courage to stand up and use your voice," said Sperling. She's now teamed up with friend and health care professional Lorrie Klemons to create patientaction.com.

The website has dozens of helpful articles and links to help patients "be their own voice" which is also the mantra of Sperling and Klemons.

"We don't give medical advice, we just help people figure out the questions to ask and who to ask them to. Our logo is, 'you have a voice use it', and we realize that not everybody can use their voice," said Klemons.

For a fee, the site will pair users up with a professional patient advocate who can help patients be the best consumers of their healthcare.

It also offers questions to ask health care professionals and tips on how to navigate a visit to the emergency room.