Diet scams popping up on Facebook

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Most Americans want to be fit and healthy and some of you are watching your weight.  When  your friend posts a note on Facebook about a diet that is working for them, of course you are going to cheer them on and you might even want to know what's their secret.  However,  there's a catch.  It is possible that your friend did not post that note at all.

Be careful as there are plenty of scams floating around.  Some offer free airline tickets.  Some are pretty obvious.  This one might not be as obvious.  WBTV's cyber expert, Theresa Payton, explains what to look for in this tricky adds that might help you shed pounds but you'll pack on the spam:


1.  Antivirus:  Keep your antivirus up to date. 

2.  Browser:  Check your browser settings to see if you can turn on an alert function for websites that might be considered questionable or dangerous to visit.

4.  Don't click!:  Resist the temptation to click on links in Facebook -  message your friend first to ask more or do research on your own without clicking that link

5.  Alert:  If you see something that looks like a scam, do everyone a favor, and post a message on that person's wall so they can remove it and others can be spared the hassle of getting infected

6.  Be Aware:  There are some great Facebook pages that keep up with the latest scams.  Two favorites are Facecrooks and Soho.  Scan these regularly or when you see a tempting link.


To keep up on the latest Facebook scams, check out Face crooks at or Sophos at .

Facebook also has a safety page at: and a security page at: that also offers tips to spot and avoid scams.


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