NC High school sports shuffle

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's that time again.  The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) is changing school conferences.  This mean schools that used to play each other for competition may not be in the same conference.

The state does this every four years.  It's based on the size of the school. This year's proposed changes are met with worry and concern.

Noah Lyon is the Athletic Director at A.L. Brown High school in Kannapolis City.  That school's biggest rival is Concord High School.  Since Brown has grown it has moved into a different conference.  Many look forward to that rivalry.

"That game is so big," Lyon said.  "Not just financially and not just for the football players for both teams, but that game is big for the community."

Now there is a concern the rivalry may lose its intensity and financial gains.  A game between the two teams attracts lots of money for both teams.

"Whatever you make that night," Lyon said.  "Will carry you throughout the rest of the year."

The other concern is with academics.  A.L. Brown HS is now in a conference with majority Charlotte - Mecklenburg schools.  This means they have to travel a little further to get to some of their games.

"Our young men and women are going to be missing class time," Lyon said.  "Because of the longer the travel. The problem we have is students missing 4th period."

Lyon says despite the challenges, he looks forward to playing CMS schools.  He could fight this proposed change but he believes he wouldn't win.  The school has grown too much to stay in its current conference.

The state will make its decision in May.  But before any decisions are made the public can reach out to the NCHSAA in writing by March 1 and in person by March 18th.

The changes go into effect starting in 2013.