College offers computer hacking lessons to students

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBT)V- About 200 students from the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) are taking a specialized computer class that will land them an exciting career.

Students are part of the program called HoneyNet.  It's a program that teaches students around the world all about hacking and protecting computer systems.  UNCC has a chapter there.  Students take those skills to work for private companies and security agencies.

Emmanuel BelloOguno is a graduate student at UNCC.  He has learned how to hack - for his class.

"By knowing how to hack," BelloOguno said.  "You can then defend against different hacking measures."

After graduating the student will take his talents to the Department of Homeland Security.   He has been offered a job.

"I'm sure they'll have numerous opportunities for me," the student said.  "To put this into practice. They deal with this on a national level."

Dr. Bill Chu is in charge of the program.  This is how it works. Chu says students use a separate computer system from UNCC's system. This way the university's system is not compromised. Students log into the made up computer system and just wait.

"Make it look like tempting targets for the bad guy to hit," Chu said.  "And then your objective is to understand what your adversaries obtain."

Students then take that information and use it to understand what needs to be done to better protect companies computer systems.

Chu believes students learning how to protect and hack computers will have no trouble finding a job.  He says technology is always changing. That fact causes students to always try to be one step ahead of a hacker.