Valentine's Day gimmicks gone too far?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At first, it might seem like it's a joke. But after thoroughly researching Pizza Hut's web site offer of a Valentine's Day surprise, there's no joking involved.

The pizza chain is offering a $10 pizza deal, and for an extra $10,000 you can add a ruby ring, fireworks, videographer, and flowers to the deal to make a proposal to remember.

The Pizza Hut deal is just one of the ideas retailers are using to lure in the Valentine's Day dollars. This year consumers are expected to spend more than 17 billion dollars on Valentine's Day gifts. That puts the holiday second in sales, only to Christmas.

"Well I think it's just another holiday during the year to pull us in along with father's day mother's day and all the rest of them," said one man.

The Waffle House is also offering dinner reservations for the big day. And to top off the list of bizarre Valentine's Day marketing gimmicks, a divorce attorney in West Virginia is offering a divorce on February 14th, for free.

WBTV asked local opinions of the commercialization of the day reserved for lovers, most all said they do believe the retailers are pushing a little too hard. And all said they prefer to count their V-Day blessings in gestures, not dollars.

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