WIll you win the lotto? Not in a million years

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Powerball Jackpot is more than $300 million and many people are looking for ways to give them an edge in hitting the top prize.

The Powerball website has a frequency chart that lists all the numbers and how many times each one is drawn.

The numbers 20, 22, 32, 41, and 52 have been drawn at least 35 times in the last 4 years. Most have been drawn an average of 20 times.

We took our numbers to Statistics Instructor Gregg Miller at Central Piedmont Community College. He says the frequency of the numbers coming up in drawings has nothing to do with future results.

Miller says there are more than 175,000,000 different possible combinations of winning tickets. He says you could buy one ticket for the two Powerball drawings each week, which is 104 drawings a year. Miller says in order to ensure you win, you'd have to keep up that ticket- buying routine for 1.5 million years.

So will you win? Not in a million years, but maybe a million and a half.