Nearly 400 coyote sightings in Mecklenburg Co. in two weeks

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- The new website launched to report coyote sightings has gotten hundreds of reports. It was only set up two weeks ago.

Mecklenburg County set up the site to try and find out the extent of the coyote population. So far, there have been 375 sightings in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Chris Milligan lives in Plaza Midwood where he's spotted at least two coyotes in recent weeks.

"Maybe they've always been around but just not as open because, maybe we've disturbed something in their food chain that's made them venture out," he said. "Who knows?"

The website is already identifying a number of hotspots for coyote sights across the county from South Charlotte to Plaza Midwood to the Steele Creek area.

"Maybe they'll find out where maybe their more concentrated at than other places so I'm sure it will be beneficial," said Milligan.

That's the plan according to parks and recreation officials who told WBTV they want to get a handle on the problem and where it's most prevalent before deciding what to do next.

They say once they know where the most coyotes have been seen they plan to set traps so they can track the animals using GPS collars.

WBTV has also learned they will need funding at least in part from the county to launch a comprehensive study.

Milligan just hopes nothing more serious than sightings happen before the county makes its move.

"I hope it doesn't take something a child or something like that before something is put in place to get it in line but I guess we'll just have to wait and see," he said.

If you see a coyote in your neighborhood, report the sighting here.

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