Stretching Your Dollar: Wardrobe makeover at no cost

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  You've probably noticed the fashion magazine covers are all about spring trends.  But if you're like a lot of people, you don't have money in your family's budget to go out and buy new clothes for the new season.

We asked a stylist who has worked with celebrities and reality stars from Bravo TV, to help us freshen up our looks with clothing we already have.

Dean Pardue says we've got to start the process by first organizing our closets.  Take a rainy afternoon to separate shirts, pants, skirts and dresses.  Then for each category, arrange by color.

Once you've got things in order, weed out the clothing you don't wear and donate it!

We asked Dean to work his magic on a busy mom's closet.  Sharon Kostmayer has six kids all under the age of thirteen.  She also makes little girl's dresses and has an online store, .  

"I can't do it every day but I like to pick out something nice to wear and fix myself up and try," Sharon says with a laugh.  Sharon admits she loves fashion, but gets stuck in a rut.

"I'll put one outfit together and keep it together.  I have a hard time mixing and matching," Sharon told me.

Dean walked into her closet and was immediately drawn to what he says is this year's biggest trend, "color- blocking" and "pop-colors".  He found a bright pink short trench coat and said it could be a staple for Sharon.

"Right now I notice something that's going to be really hot is as a pop color.  You can wear this with an all black outfit," Dean pointed out.

Dean says a lot of women have older trench coats in their closet that are nice colors, just have them shortened by a tailor above the knee and it will be right on trend for Spring.

He also sees a lot of magazines highlighting the bohemian look.  Lots of soft layers, creating a feminine silhouette using things you probably already have.

Dean pulled a pink silk dress Sharon usually wears for dining out, but added some straight legged jeans, a hip hugging leather belt, some nude high heeled clogs, a vintage suede shirt on top, and the bohemian look was complete.

"I'm seeing a lot of long sweaters used to layer on top of print dresses with tights and boots as a transition into spring," Dean told me.

"Look in your closet, try layering the sweater you typically wear with jeans, and put it over a soft dress, add a nice belt and you've got a new look for something you might think is old and tired."

Patterns, floral and stripe and everything in between are hot this spring.  Sharon owns a nice cotton floral dress and Dean said it's perfect.  He says if you are wearing patterns let them be the big statement.  Don't try to add too much more, keep the jewelry to a minimum.

After an hour or so in Sharon's closet, with the process just underway, Dean promised another visit.  He works with lots of women who want help organizing their closets, and their wardrobes.

"I want you to stay!" Sharon told Dean with a big hug.

If you are interested in Dean's help he can be reached through email .

This weekend Dean will be sharing fashion advice at the Urban Gypsy Trunk Show.  Urban Gypsy owner, Elle Palmer, scours local markets and yard sales for really great finds, and then passes them on to shoppers.

Her clothing costs as little as four dollars apiece and no more than forty dollars.  Saturday February 11, you can find Elle and Dean at the atrium behind Amelie's on North Davidson in the NoDa neighborhood from 1-8pm.

You can also check out Palmer's web site,

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