East Independence Blvd reopened after major wreck overnight

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A major traffic problem finally cleaned up after six hours when a driver clipped a utility pole dropping traffic signal lights to the ground.

The broken remains of the traffic lights at the intersection of East Independence and Sardis Road were supposed to be suspended a good twenty feet in the air.

No longer.

Work crews worked feverishly for six hours to clear the debris after Charlotte-Meckilenburg police said a car making a tun hit a utility pole just after midnight Monday.

The driver was okay, her car damaged.  What took the brunt of the collision was the two or three signal lights that fell to the pavement below shutting down the intersection for hours.

Drivers had to be diverted to Monroe Road until around 6am, when workers could restring the lines.

Work continued through rush hour as drivers had to negotiate around utility trucks, but everything was pretty much back to normal before the majority of the traffic hit the area.

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