Do you feel safe riding Charlotte's light rail?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- How safe do you feel riding the light rail? Do you see enough security?

The news that a teenager was kidnapped and robbed while standing at a light rail stop does have some feeling a little uneasy.

It should be somebody on the trains at all times," said Brenda Holt, who was headed to the circus with her husband and grandson, Thursday. "Of course you can't help everything. But if you can control it, you should."
Police said a man kidnapped the teen at gunpoint and forced him to go to a nearby ATM and withdraw money Tuesday.
When the suspect realized the young man didn't have any money, he made the victim buy him a ticket for the light rail and took off.
Officers arrested Eric Zakobielski about an hour later and charged him with robbery with a  dangerous weapon and kidnapping.     
A spokesperson for CATS said it deploys its security officers strategically on a daily basis and also utilize an extensive camera network.

Morgan Allen, another rider, says she typically sees security when she rides. 
"Usually I only see them at the stops," she said. "I've never seen them on the train." 
With big events like the CIAA just weeks away, Allen says CATS security should up its visibility sooner rather than later.
"CIAA is coming up so they should really do it then," she pointed out. "Because if a kidnapping is happening now on a regular day, how many other people are going to get hungry around the CIAA?"

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