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See, Click, Fix: Drivers say exiting new Walmart "dangerous"

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - Their motto is "Save Money. Live Better." but some drivers say they want to be able to drive better outside the new Walmart Supercenter on Independence Boulevard too.

The problem, you told us, is the entrance to the Walmart from Independence which also serves as an exit. A separate turning lane was created to allow cars to come in. But it gets sticky when you're leaving because drivers have to turn into traffic already going full speed.

Ray writes on our See, Click, Fix page at, "...people leaving Walmart onto Independence are turning into lanes designed for express traffic."

Forget it if you're trying to get to Albemarle Road from the Independence side. Some drivers have been seen trying to cross multiple lanes of full-speed traffic to make the Albemarle Road cut off.

We contacted the state Department of Transportation. And NCDOT gave us some information directly that drivers should know:

First, officials say the other entrance and exit to Walmart, on Pierson drive, should be used if you're concerned. When leaving Walmart you can also get back on Pierson to access Albemarle Road.

NCDOT says crossing all eastbound lanes to access Albemarle Road may be problematic and if a crash pattern became apparent it would be addressed.

The agency says if it has to, it will make access to Walmart on the Independence side an entrance only - with no exiting traffic.

NCDOT says the way access was created to the Walmart is much the same as other accesses in the area.

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