What not to do if you're hacked

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It would be tempting, wouldn't it? If someone took over your social media accounts, tweeted embarrassing posts and when you finally get your accounts back from them, you threaten them on the very accounts they just hacked.

We all have friends who get their accounts hacked, have to get their passwords reset, and hope that nobody clicks on the crazy links sent by the hackers.  This gets even crazier when big names, like Ashton Kutcher, have their accounts hacked into.

Ashton has roughly nine million followers that are bound to click on the bad links.  However, taking matters into your own hands and fighting back on your own account might sound like sweet revenge but WBTV's cyber expert, Theresa Payton, thinks that's not such a good idea:


The hackers posted tweets about a sleepover that Ashton had with his new girlfriend and included links to her house.  The problem is, it wasn't Ashton, it was the hacker going through Ashton's Foursquare account to Twitter.

Kutcher then posts to Twitter that he knows the account was hacked and that he knows their address!

Kutcher has since deleted the posts including one that said, "I'm coming for you my friend" and posts a location


1.  Don't do this.  You will antagonize the hacker.  Remember, if you do check ins or tweets with location turned on, the hacker knows where you've been and can probably predict where you will be.

2.  Report it immediately to your social networking site.  Change every password you have and make them all different across your accounts.

3.  Send out a notice to all your followers, friends, and family that your account was recently taken over and to be wary of links on posts.

If your Twitter account is hacked, do not take on the hackers directly.  Twitter has helpful resources at:

For some pictures of the Tweets (you can't find them on Twitter because they were deleted!) go to Graham Cluley's webpage at Sophos:


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