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Educators: technology is more necessity than luxury for teens

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When it comes to teenagers, technology is the one language that outranks English in fluency and frequency. It's why more schools are using the digital world to help students learn.

Lexington High School French teacher Amanda Hajji wishes she had as much exposure to technology when she was in school.

This year her district handed out 7,000 iPads to every student and their teachers in each of the four high schools as part of a new initiative. The benefits have exceeded expectation.

"Its really increasing communication, those students that are a little hesitant to ask a question in class, in front of their peers are emailing their teachers back and forth and we found that to be an unexpected but wonderful side effect," District One Spokesperson Mary Beth Hill told WBTV.com.

Across the country Wednesday, school districts, students and their parents are participating in Digital Learning Day, which includes an online discussion promoting the importance of technology to help students advance their educational and professional careers.

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Another person who can speak to the advantages is Abel Real, who attended high school in Greene County, North Carolina. He told a congressional committee, had it not been for technology sparking his interest in education, he may have been a dropout like his 3 brothers, or in jail like both of his parents.

"At home there was no inspiration and I truly dreaded the bell at the end of the school day," he said during the Washington hearing, "at least I knew when I left campus, I would be able to instant message my teachers and classmates with questions; the integration of technology opened the world to me."

Real is now enrolled at East Carolina University and works as a certified nurses assistant. Credits for that job were part of his high school curriculum; proving that for a student's future success, technology is more necessity than luxury.

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