Selecting the right summer camp for your child

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - It may only be January, but experts say it is not too early to start looking for the best summer camp for your child. Eve White, Editor of Charlotte Parent magazine, visited WBTV News at Noon to talk to Christine Nelson about the things to consider during your search. Below are some tips listed in the February edition of the magazine.

Overnight or day camp?
-- This will depend on the age and independent nature of your camper. Most overnight campers begin around age 7-9. And many camps start with a mini-camp session, typically 3 nights. Be sure your camper has had successful sleep overs or spent the night at grandma's with ease, before packing them up for an overnight experience. Day camps start as early as preschools.

Sports, themed or traditional camp?
-- Determining your child's perfect fit may be easiest by asking them. Day camps and sleep over camps come in all shapes and sizes -- just like campers. If your princess loves ballerinas, then dance camp might be the dream summer experience. Or your little slugger just missed the cut for the All-Star Team, but really wants to make it next year, then baseball camp might be the ticket.

What is the purpose of camp for my child?

-- Many working parents plan a series of weekly day camps as a way to ensure their kids are supervised (and active!) during the summer months. Since they cannot take 3 months off at work to be with the kids, this is an alternative solution to a babysitter. If childcare is not an issue, then planning camp might be more for the new experience, to make new friends or to hone skills for a beloved sport. Think about these things and make some decisions about what works for your family first, then talk out the options with your camper.

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