PSI: Roofing company leaves unfinished business

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - Violent thunderstorms left Shawn Goorey of Fort Mill, SC with a problem.

"I needed a lot of work done to my house," said Goorey.

As we've seen before when storms clear, roofing companies turn up faster than drying pavement.

"They were going door-to-door and what he said I liked," said Goorey.

Goorey ended up hiring one of the door knocking companies. A contractor called Roof 911. Glenn Selby, of Matthews, hired the same company, signed on the same bottom line and wrote a $3,900 deposit check. It was about half the total bill.

Selby said the check cleared last August. No one has yet to touch his roof.

"It's been over 75 days since they took the down payment," said Selby. "There's been absolutely nothing done, no materials dropped, no scheduling of any kind."

Selby and Goorey say they tried everything to reach the company. They've called, sent texts and emails.

"Shut all the phones down, closed all the email accounts pretty much left Charlotte," said Goorey.

Roof 911 had an office in north Charlotte. Its doors are now locked shut and the office has been cleaned out. The company is actually based in Atlanta. WBTV contacted the company and was told it would make things right.

Goorey was skeptical. His main roof was replaced before Roof 911 left town, but some siding and the metal roof over his porch were never fixed.

He estimates he was out $2500.

As he was telling WBTV his story something unexpected happened.

"I thought we would come in and try to step in and be part of the solution and not the problem," said Jeremy Collins.

Collins works for Precision Roof Contractors. He was working on Goorey's neighbors roof when he overheard what had happened. He said his company would finish the work at Goorey's home for free.

"Unfortunately when the storms come in that brings a lot of other companies out," said Collins. "As a homeowner myself it's very hard to know who to trust."

"I was having to wait until my tax return to be able to afford to finish out the repairs and now I can put that towards other things," said Goorey.

Collins was also ready to help out Glenn Selby, by fixing his roof with what was left of his insurance money, but then we heard back again from Roof 911. The company said it was getting out of the residential roofing business in Charlotte and would return Selby's deposit.

Roof 911 tells WBTV it had phone issues this past fall and as a result messages from customers weren't getting through.

Consumer experts remind storm victims to get multiple bids for any work, check out companies with organizations like the Better Business Bureau and avoid any company using high pressure sales tactics.

If you'd like to contact Precision Roof Contractors, you can call them at (704) 541-8522.

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