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Adam Baker deported to Australia with Zahra's remains

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Adam Baker, father of the ten-year-old girl killed and dismembered in Hickory in 2010, has been deported back to Australia, his attorney told WBTV.

On Monday morning, WBTV learned that Baker was quietly deported back to his home country nearly two weeks ago.  His attorney, Shell Pearce, said that Baker had been held on an immigration detainer while he was in court on various charges.

Adam Baker was being held because he was needed to testify in the case against his wife, who was accused and found guilty of murdering Baker's daughter, Zahra. 

Elisa Baker entered a plea of guilty to second-degree murder, nearly a year after the disabled Australian girl was reported missing from her home in Hickory. 

As part of her plea deal, Elisa Baker pleaded guilty to various charges stemming from the death of Zahra in September 2011.

The potential maximum total sentence for all charges would typically be 60 years in prison. But, under the plea deal in presented in court, Elisa Baker would be sentenced to only a maximum of 18 years in prison.

During that hearing, Adam Baker addressed the court and spoke directly to Elisa Baker.

"I trusted you with the most precious thing in my life," said Adam Baker. "You not only lied to me, you also lied to Zahra. You took the life of the most loving and lovable little girl."

WBTV Reporter Steve Ohnesorge spoke with Adam Baker one-on-one for about five minutes outside the courthouse, during a recess of court proceedings in September.

When asked if he felt Elisa Baker was getting justice for what happened to his daughter, Adam simply said, "Not really."

"I don't think Zahra will get true justice until Elisa Baker faces her maker, and He does what He has to do," Adam Baker said.

Adam Baker was facing several felony charges, not related to the death of his daughter, in Catawba County which have recently been down-graded to misdemeanors.

Baker received a suspended sentence of 45 days in jail plus 18 months of unsupervised probation after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a Catawba County courtroom, earlier this month.

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Adam Baker pleaded guilty to reconnecting power without authorization. Both felony charges he was facing were dismissed as part of his plea deal. He was ordered to pay back $349 in restitution, which Baker paid when he left court.

Later that afternoon, Adam Baker entered a not guilty plea to two misdemeanor charges of communicating threats and one misdemeanor charge of assault.

The charges stem from an incident that happened with Elisa Baker in 2010. Elisa's nephew and niece accused Adam of assaulting them and trying to run them over with his car when he was collecting money from the family members.

The judge dismissed the communicating threats charges after reviewing the evidence, but convicted Adam Baker on the assault charge and sentenced him to 30 days in jail.

When he plead guilty to those misdemeanor charges, immigration decided to deport him, his attorney told WBTV on Monday.

Baker was being monitored by the federal immigration authorities who think he might be here illegally. His basis for being in the US was his marriage to Elisa Baker, which has been proven to be a sham. Elisa admitted to bigamy charges in her plea deal in September. 

Pearce says Adam Baker went back to Australia and took Zahra's remains with him.  Zahra's cremated remains are in her father's care and Adam plans to take her back to Australia for a proper burial.

The Medical Examiner's office in Chapel Hill released the remains to a Hickory Funeral home in November 2011. The remains were cremated and given to Adam Baker.

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Baker told WBTV in September that whenever he returned to Australia, he wanted to give Zahra a proper burial. 

He did visit the spots where Zahra's remains were found in the weeks before he left.

Adam Baker still has pending court cases on misdemeanor charges in Caldwell County, but his attorney told WBTV that while those charges still remain, Baker will not be coming back to North Carolina to face them.

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