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See, Click, Fix UPDATE: Plan for roundabout pushed back

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You asked See, Click, Fix to follow up on when a roundabout is going to get built at Cambridge Commons Drive and Harrisburg Road in Charlotte.

Mark writes on our See, Click, Fix page at "I used to be able to search this project on the NCDOT website for planned nothing. Has this been canceled??"

See, Click, Fix contacted NCDOT directly. The agency says the roundabout is now going to be in the spring of 2013.

A couple things have come into play: Work was being done on nearby Reedy Creek Bridge. It's where the detour would have to be routed while the roundabout is built.

The bridge work is done but an NCDOT spokeswoman says now that the temperature is dropping it's not the best environment to do asphalt work.

Here is the what we reported in the original story:

The intersection in question is Harrisburg Road and Cambridge Commons Drive. It's a spot where some drivers and residents dread.

"The cars are barreling through here at 45 and 50 mph and there's no time to react with so many decisions to be made while you're stopped here," says Ken Bauer.

Bauer has lived near this intersection for eight years and says cars coming to the stop sign at Cambridge Commons Drive have a hard time trying to cross the four lanes of traffic on Harrisburg Road.

"I call home when I go past here and say, 'There's a wreck out there.' And then the next night I go to work and my god there's another wreck out here," says Bauer.

J. McDonald writes on our See, Click, Fix page at, "How many more injuries or DEATHS do area residents have to witness each week? This intersection needs attention, FAST!"

We reached out to the Charlotte Department of Transportation and learned they were already hearing your cries loud and clear and they tell us they're taking action.

According to their High Accident Location list this same intersection is the second most dangerous out of nearly a 100 intersections in Charlotte. Because of that CDOT sent me an email directly saying, "[CDOT] is working with NCDOT to cost share in the construction of a roundabout."

A roundabout uses a circular island to navigate traffic flow rather than traffic signals or stop signs. This type of design encourages lower speeds as vehicles drive through the intersection.

Something drivers will welcome if it means less danger when crossing this intersection.

"I have told family and friends not to use this intersection to go down a little further in the subdivision and make the turn down there," says Bauer.

Some more facts about roundabouts according to CDOT's website:

* Drivers cannot "run the roundabout" like they can "run a red light!"

* They reduce the chance and severity of accidents.

* They are pedestrian friendly.

CDOT says this week they're hoping to have a schedule out for when the construction of the roundabout will take place.

If you would like to see CDOT's High Accident Location list to see if an intersection in your area is on there click here.

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