PSI Monday: In search of the missing roofer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - After a storm rolls through, roofers appear as fast as drying pavement.

"They were going door-to-door," said Shawn Goorey.

Goorey's Fort Mill, SC home was damaged by storms that rolled through last spring. Glen Selby of Matthews had the same problem. Both thought they found a solution when they hired the same company.

"In his (roofer's) words it was a slam dunk," said Selby.

Selby and Goorey signed on the dotted line. They quickly discovered it may have been wasted ink and worse yet lost money. Both put down thousands of dollars up front.

"It's been over 75 days since they took the down payment," said Selby. "There's been absolutely nothing done."

"No one called me back," said Goorey. "In fact the last time I called, the numbers seemed to be disconnected."

WBTV goes in search of the seemingly vanished company. Watch an all new "Problem Solver Investigation" Monday night at 11:00.

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