Principal Dies Unexpectedly; New Rule To Impact Occupy Charlotte Protestors; Female Safety In The Wake Of A Local Murder; Dense Fog Advisory For Mecklenburg County; Crazy Basketball Shot

Good morning on this Tuesday, January 24 from the WBTV News Morning Team...John Carter on this end.

A lot to tell you about when our newscast gets underway at 4:30 am.

A heads up as you head out the door this morning...a dense fog advisory is in effect for Mecklenburg County.  We'll have more in your first alert weather forecast.

We'll have a live report from Cam Man Ron Lee about a local principal who died unexpectedly.

Charlotte City Council has voted for new rules that will force the Occupy Charlotte protestors to abandon their campsite in uptown.  The new rules will also give police more authority during the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Derrick Rose will be live with a special story about female safety in the wake of a local murder.  You'll find out more about what's being done so you can protect yourself.

The GOP presidential race gets more intense today...following last night's debate in Florida.  We'll show you what happened. That state's primary is just one week from today.

And you've seen those crazy, half-court shots in basketball before!  This morning, we're going to show you one with a special twist!

We'll have all those stories and so much be sure to join us from 4:30 to 7 am on WBTV!