Driver crashes along I-77 early Friday, gets trapped inside car

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A driver finds himself upside down after rolling his car off the freeway and almost into an adjoining motel parking lot overnight Friday.

Officials said they were amazed how well the driver was doing after an unbelievable wreck along I-77 just north of the Archdale Drive onramp in south Charlotte around 2am.

State Highway Patrol officials said the driver in a Mazda MR5 was headed northbound, when a big rig truck pulled in behind him.

The driver became nervous, pulled the wheel to the right, and came off the roadway.  The car hit a small hill, and went flying through the air.

Witness said all they saw were headlights and taillights spinning end over end.  They didn't know which was going to wind up on top.

The car came to rest on it's hood just feet away from an adjoining parking lot of the Budget Inn motel located on Archdale Drive.

Charlotte firefighters arrived, but had to resort to busting out the back window to get the victim out.

He was taken in by Medics to get checked out, but reports are he should be okay.

Later, Troopers said the driver was most likely intoxicated, and that lead to the situation he found himself in.

No word on any charges filed in this case.

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