Pass 3 On: Blessings come in small packages

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) -- It seems like everyone wanted to Pass 3 On this morning. At the Park Road shopping center, person after person approached me looking to pay it forward.

But it was Jessica Martin, running into the post office on mid-morning break, who passed me by the first time.

She came back, though asking what my sign was all about the second time and told me about Irma Gassett, a new co-worker.

"She's really struggling," said Martin. "She has two boys. I feel like this would be a wonderful opportunity for her. She's working part time and it's really not a whole lot."

I asked, out of all the people she could this for, why she would choose someone she barely knew.

"I prayed and asked God for her to get the job," she recalled. "I don't know why I was praying for her but I prayed for her. I said Lord, if this is the door for her, open the door for her."

Martin believed when God opened that door for Gassett, a fellow single mother, it was also an opportunity for her to do more.

"I just knew that she needed something," she said. "God had spoke to my spirit that she needed something."

When we got to Martin's job, Gassett was shocked to see us.

"Wooo!," she exclaimed. "I moved here from Florida and we were just having a hard time. So I tried to teach my children faith."

Faith in folks like Martin whose small acts of kindness helped keep Irma going.

"I would come to work and you know she was like, you're going all day with nothing to eat," Gassett recalled. "I was like, yeah it's ok. And she would even be nice enough to go out and by me lunch."

"She's been my angel today and so have you," she said.

Angels that may unexpected yet often right on time. It's just another way you're passing 3 on.

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