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Pros and cons of 'club' sports

Children from all over the United States are turning to travel or club teams in hopes of fulfilling a dream to earn a scholarship and play in college.

Recent statistics indicate a surge in the popularity of travel/club sports with an estimated growth rate of more than 3000% over the past five years.

The reason for the soaring number of travel teams in baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and swimming varies.

Better competition means showcase events that ultimately bring college coaches looking to recruit players.

And getting a college scholarship is what the young athletes are dreaming of.

You'll usually receive top notch coaching against top quality competition, and a club that has developed relationships with college coaches - and that opens the door for a potential recruit.

Its a responsibility the club teams, with the right reputation amongst colleges or universities, share with the families of the athletes.

In turn college coaches take advantage of seeing athletes compete in showcase events against quality opponents.

Just because a family or athlete chooses to go the route of travel sports, it doesn't guarantee a shot of competing at the college level. Athletes have to work hard and commit to a higher standard of play.

And as far as the family goes, sacrifices are made in more ways than one.

And financially the dollar amounts are staggering.  Fees to be a member of a team or club are usually ten times the amount of community sports.

It's an investment in a child's future that could pay off big time considering the price of tuition and board at a college or university.

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