More DNCC details emerge

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Five hundred some journalists gathered at Time Warner Cable Arena this morning to talk about the logistics of covering the Democratic National Convention after finding out yesterday it's going to be trickier than they thought.

Events will span from the Speedway in Concord to the arena to Bank of America stadium, where the president will give his acceptance speech.

Bloomberg News reported last week that convention officials wanted to make the move to the stadium in part because of the possibility of luring wealthy donors with skyboxes there.

But, talking to today's audience of journalists, DNCC CEO Steve Kerrigan denied it.

"We knew from the start before any money was raised and before any inside-the-beltway rumors began that a larger venue for the president's acceptance speech would allow us to fulfill his goal of making this the most open and accessible convention in history," he said.

He also discussed the Speedway venture, a major break from the four-day convention tradition.

Instead of opening on Labor Day with speeches at the arena, Democrats will host tens of thousands of people at a party in Concord.

Kerrigan said the move will shorten the convention by one day, but again, he said the motivation is not about money.

"By taking six hours of programming out of Monday here it doesn't necessarily save us a huge chunk of cash," he said. "Although it is worth mentioning...that we have been focused on cost-savings and have been cost conscious from the very beginning."

Convention organizers are trying to raise almost $37 million, and they say that number hasn't changed.

The Carolina Panthers will not charge the convention for the use of its stadium.

The terms of the event at the Speedway are still under negotiation.

Kerrigan says convention fundraising is going well.

"We are on track with all of our goals," he said.