Murder Suspect Being Returned To Charlotte; Questions Raised About Proposed Hospital; SC Debate Gets Contentious; Marriage On Frozen Lake

Good morning on this Tuesday, January 17.  A lot of folks headed back to work today following the MLK Jr holiday.

We have a lot to tell you about before you head out this morning...Mark Anthony Cox, the suspect in the killing of a manager at a Flying Biscuit restaurant in Charlotte, is being brought back to Charlotte after being arrested in Fayetteville.  Cam Man Ron Lee has new details in a live report.

The republican presidential candidates will be campaigning in South Carolina today with the state primary just four days away.  They met in a contentious debate last lots of barbs at one another.

Derrick Rose is live during our 6 a.m. hour with a report from Huntersville this morning...with a story on the concerns over the proposal to build a mental health hospital near a residential area.

And a story you have to see to believe...a couple getting married on a lake...literally on a lake...a frozen lake.

Plus...highlights from the Bobcats home game versus the Cavaliers...and Syracuse drives home the point why it's number one in college basketball.

Be sure to join us for all these stories and so much more...from 4:30 to 7:00...see you then!