Full text of 911 call about Flying Biscuit

The following is a phone call Keith Smith, fiancee of Danielle Watson, made to 911 after he received a strange phone call with commotion in the background from Watson.

Dispatch: Charlotte 911, Snabley (his name), do you need police, fire or medic?

Caller: Police.

Dispatch: Where do you need police?

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 (:08) Caller: 3930 Rea Rd.

Dispatch: Is that a house or an apartment.

 (:13) Caller: It's a business, I believe it's being robbed.

Dispatch: What's the name of the business?

 (:17) Caller: Flying Biscuit.

 Dispatch: Why do you think it's being robbed?

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 (:26) Caller: My girlfriend works there, she called me and hung up abruptly and I could hear her yelling in the background.

Dispatch: What's your girlfriend's name?

(:41) Caller: Danielle Watson.... *typing* (:43) She gets off at 9, she should have been home hours ago. But it did sound like there was some type of commotion in the background, she called me from work, and I'm concerned, I think maybe somebody's trying to rob it.

Dispatch: Ok, alright, I'll go ahead and enter a call out, and officer'll go out there and check it out. What's your name sir?

Caller: My name is Keith Smith.

Dispatch: What's your phone number?

Caller: 704-xxx-xxxx (number removed by WBTV).

Dispatch: Ok, I'll go ahead and enter a call out, an officer'll go out there and check it out and we'll give you a call back once we find out what's going on.

Caller: Thank you very much.

Dispatch: You're welcome.

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