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SC twister victims still cleaning up 2 months later

ROCK HILL, SC (SC) - Judy Ferrell knows all too well about the power of wind.

"Any time the wind blows it sort of upsets you a little," said Ferrell.

That may be an understatement because on the night of November 16 she and her husband survived an EF-2 Tornado by huddling in the center of their house while a twister ripped it to shreds.

"Last night brought back some of the fear I guess," said Ferrell.

Saturday, she and her husband moved into a mobile home across the road from their former home while it's rebuilt and were watching the news of the storms hitting in North Carolina.

"We knew they were going to go through some of the same things we went through," said Ferrell.

Though they were miles away from last night's storm they left to visit a friend.

"We were uneasy even being here," said Ferrell.

Reminders are everywhere even two months later of the power of the 135 mile and hour winds that threw a mobile home over their heads.

In fact the same place where there temporary home is where her neighbors Charles and Barbara Haffner lived before the storm.  Both died that night.

"That bothers you and looking at the wreath across the street all the time," said Ferrell.

Sheet metal and blanket still dangle from trees.  Metal still twisted around trees that were snapped by twigs from the wind around her house. 

Though clean up seem to be an ongoing process, Ferrell says there's some good that came out of the storm that victims in North Carolina can hold on to.

"There were a lot of volunteers," said Ferrell. "We did have a lot of people that helped us that we didn't know who they were and no way to thank them."

She says that's stronger than any wind that can destroy a house.

The Rock Hill tornado followed a two and a half mile path, about 200 yards wide.  At the time York County emergency management estimated the community suffered about 770 thousand dollars in uninsured losses.

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