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Wall collapses on elderly woman during tornado

ELLENBORO, NC (WBTV) - Rutherford County officials have completed their assessment of the damage in the Ellenboro area and a National Weather Service official confirms an EF-2 tornado touched down there Wednesday.

Barbara Henderson's home she shares with her husband Harold was one of the 10 homes destroyed by the storm.

"Material things don't matter, as long as we have each other," Henderson said Thursday morning.

Henderson says her husband tried to get her to move from their living room but realized the storm was too close and laid his body across hers on her bed. "I remember the wall falling and then just waiting for them to get me out."

Harold escaped but Barbara was trapped for an hour under a wall. Crews had to remove large wooden beams from over the wall to get her out.

"I just kept thinking if it hits my head I'm a goner, but I started saying 'Jesus' and it calmed me down," Henderson said.

She was taken to the hospital then released with a cut on her arm and a few bruises.

Thursday morning she watched from a car as dozens of friends and neighbors worked feverishly to clean up the debris. At one point, all volunteers put down their chainsaws, shovels and hammers to join hands in a prayer. They thanked God for keeping everyone safe.


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