See, Click, Fix: Wells to look into viewer's concern exiting building

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - The Green is on South Tryon street in uptown Charlotte, where it boasts beautiful city views except when it comes to exiting the building on the South College Street side. The same side where trucks are loading and unloading, while at the same time blocking the view of oncoming traffic for folks exiting the parking deck.

"If [the trucks] are tall enough you can't see anything at all and you have to inch out to make sure nobody hits you," says Hayley Brafford who brought up the problem to See, Click, Fix.

Brafford says you can only make a left turn out of the parking deck. So when she is looking to her right, instead of seeing the multiple lanes of traffic to know when to turn, loading trucks are blocking her view.

"The biggest issue is when there are three or four in a row all the way down the street. It's not as if there is one car and maybe you can see around that one. But if they're all parked in a row you can't see anything," Brafford explains.

Brafford tells us if trucks are parking outside the designated parking areas it makes the problem worse, and the height of the trucks doesn't help either.

WBTV's Christine Nelson contacted Charlotte DOT. At the very least we were able to get officials to put their parking agents on alert to make sure trucks are not parking outside the designated spaces or abusing the time limit they can be parked there. In fact, CDOT says it issued tickets as recently as the New Year's holiday to violators.

Brafford says someone has to come up with a better way to see oncoming traffic before something avoidable happens.

"I don't think it could get any worse until someone gets hit," says Brafford.

See, Click, Fix also spoke with Wells Fargo, who owns that building. The company says this is the first time it's hearing of this problem, but is going to look into it and see what, if anything, can be done about it.

Wells Fargo also offered to reach out to Brafford, the viewer who had a problem with this, to get ideas from her about how to make it better. We have since passed the company's information to her so the two parties can connect.

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