Live Team Coverage Of Storm Damage From Possible Tornados; See, Click, Fix Parking Problem; New Negative Political Ads In SC

Good morning on this Thursday from the WBTV News Morning Team…John Carter on this end…with a lot to tell you about!

When we hit the air at 4:30…we'll begin live team coverage of the damage left behind by possible tornados that struck in our area.  We're in Rutherford county and Burke County where damage was the heaviest following strong storms that swept through the area.  More than a thousand people are without power in Burke County.  Several people were injured in the storms…but no deaths have been reported.  Today's weather is going to be much better…Al Conklin will have your First Alert Weather forecast.

A big political story to tell you about this morning as Campaign 2012 focuses on South Carolina.  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of negative political television ads…Steve Crump takes a close look at what you're going to see…and what impact it may have on the January 21 primary.

Derrick Rose has an all new story on the growth of local emergency and urgent care centers in the area…and what that means for you and your health care.

And Christine takes a look at a parking problem in today's See, Click, Fix investigation…the woman involved can't even get out of her own driveway!

Plus…we'll show you what may be the best seats in the house at any game in the NBA!

We'll have that and so much more when we get underway at 4:30 this morning.  Hope to see you then!