CMS teachers working second jobs to survive

Times are hard for some Charlotte - Mecklenburg school district (CMS) teachers. They are forced to work second jobs because they haven't had a raise since 2008.

"I've been taking care of all of the bills and doing it on my own," West Mecklenburg HS teacher Antoine Avinger said.  "It's really been hard. Got behind on things, taking on other jobs to catch up."

Teachers are working by day as teachers and once the dismissal bell ring they are off to their additional careers.

"Working at ITT Tech in the afternoon - three four days a week," Avinger said.   "Also working at Walmart four or five days a week, driving buses, taking jobs over the summer, driving for Greyhound, trying to get summer school every summer, also tutoring and coaching basketball."

Tammy Reynolds is also working another job to help pay her bills. She works at Belk.

"The money is getting tighter," Reynolds said.  "Everything is going except for my paycheck."

The teachers hope lawmakers will write CMS a check for about $30 million.  That's how much a 3% raise will cost for employees.  That amount is not much but teachers say it's better than nothing.

They claim what's keeping them in the classroom without a raise in four years, is their passion to teach.