The Good News: Boy finds discarded piano

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – There are a lot of stories that start out with a healthy dose of fate. This one is no exception.

Quentin Bethea was 8-years-old when a neighbor threw out an old piano. Quentin found it on the curb waiting and drug it to his house.

He now credits that piano with shaping his future. The little boy taught himself to play.

He grew up and honed his skills after winning a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. Quentin also credits his faith and God with making him the accomplished pianist he is today.

While at Berklee, Quentin was supported through a program called Seeds of Hope which is an organization that helps young people achieve their dreams with mentoring and financial help.

"I think about a haven in the middle of a crazy and chaotic world, I think music has been that for me. When I was a kid I could always run to the garage and played the piano," said Quentin.

Thursday morning, we met Quentin outside house where he grew up. His family moved out in 2004 and left the old piano behind. At 22-years-old, he'd give anything to get that piano back.

We knocked on the door to his old house and to everyone's surprise, the new owners didn't throw his cherished piano away.

"I feel like most of what I am right now is because I found this thing."

Quentin plans to get the piano back and restore it and teach other kids to play on the same instrument that shaped his life.

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